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“All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.” – C.S. Lewis
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17th-May-2015 07:10 pm - Another banner!
To cap off the others she’s done for me — for “In Ev’ry Angle Greet”, “Dusk Over Pompeii”, and “Otherwise a Perfect Sky” — the splendiferous blondebitz has now produced cover art for “First Do No Harm”, below:

Hard to believe the story is moving toward its ten-year anniversary; it’s always been one of my favorites, and never fails to entertain me upon re-reading. Now it has art more than sufficient to highlight how much I’ve enjoyed it, and for this blondebitz is eminently deserving of gratitude and recognition.

14th-May-2015 12:57 pm - Endnotes and banner
New endnotes are now posted for “Perish the Thought”, for which sroni has again produced a new banner:

Update: NOW the endnotes are there. Or rather, there’s a link to the notes I had already posted.

7th-May-2015 03:23 pm - Another story banner
sroni has given me another banner, this time for “Twilight’s Last Gleaming”:

2nd-May-2015 08:39 pm - Quick notes in passing
Since this year’s RemixRedux is getting set to start in a few days, I’m trying to power through and finish the remix I intended to do for cof_remix in November. Also, Susan and I intend to go to town tomorrow to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron so I can start reading some of the commentary on my flist.

Some things in the meantime:

It has been determined that my grandchild-soon-to-be in China is a girl. (And when I told a co-worker about this, he thought I meant my son was adopting a baby in China.)

sroni’s husband just got accepted for a training slot with yet another international company, so the two of them will be living in Rome for five months, after which he’ll have a permanent position in Dublin.

In a little over a week, I’ll be buying tickets for the time at the end of September when Susan and I fly to China to visit our new granddaughter (and the happy parents, of course, but they’ve abruptly been relegated to afterthoughts; what counts now is grandchild!).

I’m happy that Orphan Black has started a new season, sad that the Americans has ended another, and almost finished watching the final season of the Dead Zone. (Interest waned, so I’ve slowed way down in my viewing, but I won’t quit when I’m almost done.)

I’m suddenly becoming increasingly interested in the e-publishing market.

And that’s all for now.
23rd-Apr-2015 07:48 pm - Other banners
With the stuff I’ve been posting lately, I just realized that — though the banners are already on the fics — I never made a post specifically recognizing two of them. So, giving due credit: gillo did a banner (two variations, actually, one is at the beginning of the story and the other at the end) for “Oaxaca Nights”, and comlodge (an unapologetic Spike-lover) gave me one for “Shock to the System”.

I’m up to date, then, and proper gratitude and recognition has been publicly expressed.

22nd-Apr-2015 12:14 pm - Endnotes and banner
New endnotes are now posted for “Critical Review”, for which sroni has likewise produced a new banner:

16th-Apr-2015 08:06 pm - Another cover banner
Once again, sroni has produced a banner for a story of mine that already had endnotes: “Voices in the Dark”. If I can’t possess artistic ability myself, it’s good to have a daughter who can duplicate the effect.

10th-Apr-2015 09:17 pm - New cover banner
This week, sroni has given me a banner for a story that already has endnotes: “Hell Hath No Fury”. I’m beginning to really enjoy this.

2nd-Apr-2015 07:57 pm - Endnotes and banner
New endnotes are now posted for “Notes on an Opera Program”, for which sroni has yet again produced a banner:

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